Actual Drawings For Potential Murals


The series of work is a component of the exposition entitled “Instructions”. This series of work constitutes of instructions and drafts executed for murals in potential status. These instructions which were precisely matched with the drafts, demonstrate by symbolizing the consecutive situations that a painter is in, while he applies the paintings to areas of the wall that could be distinguished on the drafts.

Instructions, 2019

“The only works that Özgen makes use of representation, are the drawings where he shows the potential paintings on the wall. These drawings show in which other ways could a painting be made, using the data (named bags of painting) from the actually experienced ones. Thus, they are directly connected to the physical because we constantly compare those drawings with the arrangement that stands before our eyes. They are made for this space and they make use of the architectural features of the space. To me, their most valuable attribute is that they do not allow us to perceive the events and the space as a single reality. The space is not independent from us, the observer. Then, there is no one way of arrangement. While showing the infinite linguistic possibilities of these potentials, Özgen actually presents why it is possible to make art, to talk, to state things about the world.