Untitled (Pages)


The work Untitled (Pages) carries out an investigation to grasp formal relationships based on the layout of the pages that constitute this journal. Following the instructions, the chart produced by the graphic designer of the journal numbers the illustrations that were drawn according to the layout of the content on each page, brings them together and presents them in the last page of this journal.

However, since the page containing this chart, which presents the formal relationships of the layout, is itself a member of the class constituting the entire pages
of the magazine, according to this construct, another drawing made as per the layout of the content on the page where the chart is located should be numbered and placed on the last page. On the other hand, if the capacity arising from the physical nature of computer and user association is not taken into account, there is no logical limitation to repeating this recursive process. For this reason, by leaving the numbered region corresponding to his work empty on the page where the chart is located, the artist marks the journal page that we have noticed through contrasting areas of color within ourfield of perception, as an art object, while investigating through art the possibilities that the formal relations which make up a system can be fully represented within the same system.

You can reach the digital version of “magazine” via this link.