Horsehead Nebula (1089 Color)


These works re-organizing the data analysis of two views belonging to the Horsehead Nebula recorded by the hi-tech space telescopes in different configurations.

The data being analyzed belonging to the nebula named Horsehead is found in the online archive entitled “Astronomy Picture Of The Day” established by professional astronomers. Generally, space images recorded by hi-tech telescopes and short explanations about these images are published in this NASA supported archive. The website, where everyday a high resolution image together with a short explanation by professional astronomers is published, hosts various information on celestial bodies and events that are usually not possible to be seen with the naked eye.

These works realized by means of the analysis of visual and written information regarding celestial bodies and events, in the most general sense, deal with the complicated relations between objects and signs, phenomena and descriptions, language and the world on different levels. They study the objects by marking and categorizing the different levels of referring to the objects.